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   Owning a health food store has really given us a good insight into the culinary wants and needs of our community.  So many people have now been diagnosed with a wheat and gluten allergy called "Celiac", acid reflux, and other maladies that can be cured, or at least controlled, when they change to a plant-based diet.

   We decided to introduce the "Urban Vegan Cafe" concept to our customers at our health food store Circle of Health in Sheridan Park Village, Bluffton, SC when we realized that we had to share our lunches with them each time we would prepare something vegan for our lunch.  It was always "OOOH that looks so good!" or "Mind if I have a taste?"  Of course we were always happy to accommodate someone who was willing to try new dishes to improve on their diet, but we were getting a little weary of people literally "eating our lunches"!  So, several times each week, we would demonstrate how to make something tasty for our customers so they could then make our vegan and gluten-free dishes at home.  Our customers kept asking us to open a vegan and gluten-free cafe, and after two years of working on and perfecting our menu, the opportunity presented itself at Palmetto Bay Marina on Hilton Head Island.

   For those who prefer not to cook, or don't know where to start,  Urban Vegan Cafe provided delicious foods to choose from.  Located in Palmetto Bay Marina, with dining inside and out on our waterside patio, we strive to provide healthy and delicious meals in a beautiful, peaceful setting.  

At UrbanVegan we don't use eggs, dairy, meat, gluten, peanuts or fish in our Vegan dishes.  Please note: we do use coconut butter, coconut milk and coconut oil instead of dairy in our recipes.  We hope you enjoy your meal with us.


BanaRama Salad:
w/Kale, carrots, coconut, walnuts raisins & agave-curry dressing  12.95
Eggless Salad Salad:
All the flavor of Egg Salad, but no eggs!  Amazing! 10.95
Green Goddess Salad:
Grilled Lima Bean Burger w/mixed greens and creamy garlic dressing 12.95
Garden of Vegan Salad:
All the vegetables we can find in the pantry topped w/house dressing 12.95

Lima Bean Humus w/Chips  6.95
Cauliflower PopPops  12.95
Eggplant Rounds  7.95
Cabbage Patch Rounds (3) 9.95
Grilled Bella Mushroom  11.95
w/Avacado, Spinach & Pecans

Summer Soup TBA  7.95
Kale & Mushroom    7.95
w/Rosemary Ciabatta Bread

Pink Potato Salad 3.95
Fried Spinach 3.95
Apricot Almond
Cole Slaw 3.95
Sweet Potato Fries 3.95
French Fries  3.95
Black Beans  3.95
Quinoa  3.95
Black Beans
& Quinoa  4.95


Chef Robin's famous Black Bean burgers ('nuff said)
Two Grilled Patties w/Apricot Slaw GF 12.95
Brussel Sprout Burgers - Two Grilled Patties w/creamy Bac'un dressing,
& Black Bean Quinoa GF 12.95
Ruben Burgers -  Two Grilled Patties w/Ruben Dressing
& Black Bean Quinoa GF 12.95
Red Robin Beet Burgers - Two Grilled Patties w/cool cumber sauce. 
Healthy and delicious GF 12.95
Vegan Egg Fu YUM! Two delicius rounds smothered in Vegan Mushroom Gravy YUM! GF 12.95
Vegan Crab Cakes (Crispy and Delicious)
with Black Bean Quinoa 12.95
Tofu Lettuce Wrap (House Special) grilled with crispy lettuce leaves
and creamy Cilantro Sauce GF 10.95
Eggless Salad Sandwich hearty tofu, celery and onion on GF 
Toasted Bread.  Yummy! 10.95
Sloppy JoJo's Old Favorite, newly vegan, nice and sloppy on
Gluten-Free bun GF 8.95
Roasted Veggie Sandwich (vegan or vegetarian) grilled eggplant, 
sweet peppers and onion slices GF 12.95
Roasted Red Pepper Jerk Boats loaded with Jerk crumbles and topped w/creamy Cilantro sauce GF 12.95
Four Burger Bonanza: Black, White, Lima Bean and Beet Burgers. 
Delicious! GF 14.95
Mediterranean Pizza GF with Black Olives, Mozz Cheese,
Garlic and Sun Dried Tomato GF 11.95
Bella's Tacos Supreme: Just like you know who's
but without the you know what!  GF 11.95
Black Beans & Chili-Lime Quinoa Plate: The yummiest and healthiest
protein on the Planet!  12.95
Cranberry Quinoa Burger Plate: 2 grilled patties served with
Black Beans and Quinoa GF 12.95
Vegan "Meaty-Cheesy Lasagna (Looks & Tastes just like Grandma's)
w/tiny side of greens12.95 

Kid's Basket Menu $6.95 with Fries
& Soft Drink
"Not" Dog........Cheeze Pizza.......Bean Burger
Shiritaki Spaghetti & "Neat Balls"....... Fish Fins
Grilled Cheese.......Chik'n Bites.......Veggie Pot Pie

We cater Weddings, Parties, or any Occasion
Ask about our Workplace Delivery!

(high blood pressure) 2.50
Milk Thistle:
(liver detox) 2.50
Nettle Leaf:
(allergy relief) 2.50
(blood sugar balance 2.50
(calming) 2.50
Gypsy Gold Care:
(cold and flu) 2.50
Green Tea:
(steady energy) 2.50

Zevia Cola 2.50
GT Kombucha Gingerberry 6.00
Coconut Water 5.00
Almond Milk 1.50
Chocolate Almond Milk 1.50
Organic Coffee Pot 5.50
Organic Coffee Cup 3.50
Espresso Pot 5.50
Lemonade 2.50





                                        Tofu Lettuce Wrap                                                   Roasted Veggie Sandwich

                               Red Pepper Jerk Boats                                          Eggless Egg Salad Sandwich

                                      Burger Bonanza                                                     Black Beans and Quinoa

                           Black and White Dessert Tower                                Avacado Spinach Stuffed Portabella

                                   Vegan Crab Cakes                                                         Heavenly Harvest

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